The American Revolution including the United Empire Loyalists

This Co-op was all about the American Revolution. We had a shorter academic time today as the kids all watched Johnny Tremain today in an extended lunch time.
To start with I had this article on the United Empire Loyalists and I read short sections from it and had the students give me some causes and effects. 
Most of them didn't know much about the Loyalists in Canada, so this was a great exercise where they had to think what would happen! They did a great job on this!

Next, I had them go into groups of 4-5 and I gave each group a short article about the American Revolution from this site. They had this worksheet on Who, What , When etc... and they had to find these things out from the article and the do a news cast based on their event. 

We went over possible aspects of a newscast - eyewitness reports, interviews, live action, weather reports etc... Each group then presented their newscast to us! 
They were very creative!

Next, they all took there lunches downstairs and watched Johnny Tremain. 
They then finished up their paintings from last month of Monet's "Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies". They were very well done! 
Then it was on to gym time. 
The focus was Volleyball skills. The kids did several warm up  and skills exercises and then played a game. 
I am so thankful for our gym dad who really teaches the kids so well!

What a great day!  

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