Children of the New Forest Session 3 - Plot and Theme

I was so proud of our amazing group of students who really outdid themselves as we studied the plot and theme of Children of the New Forest.
First, I discussed what theme was and I went through this list of themes and had our students tell me some books or movies that addressed these themes. We had everything from Star Wars, The Hunger Games, The Hobbit to The Count of Monte Cristo!
Next I had some universal themes up on the white board and they told me sections of the book that went along with those themes...They really understood this concept well. Many of the kids jumped in today and gave their ideas! 
I then had them do this cause and effect worksheet working as groups to think of how many cause and effect relationships they could come up within the story. We then got back together and made a list from each group's input.
Next I had them get into groups of three or four and do a plot diagram like the first one on this page one on large pieces of paper. 
This was very challenging for each of the groups to determine the introduction, the rising action, the climax and the the falling action and resolution. 
We got back together and discussed the conclusions and each of the groups had a different climax, but they were willing to defend their answers which was great! 
It has been such a joy and privilege for me to teach this group of students! They are bright, participatory and so willing to learn!
Next was the performance of the drama! The kids once again did so well with performing the reader's theatre! 
They were having so much fun with this play! 
What an amazing opportunity for them to have! 
I am SO looking forward to our next novel Pride and Prejudice! Get ready all you Darcy, Lizzie, Bingley and Janes! It is going to be another great time!


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