The French Revolution

Our co-op students had a great session together on the French Revolution! Our mom started them off with a warm up and they did Roman Numerals practice for fun. This was great to get their minds working. 

Next she had the kids divide in groups and decide if it were better to grow grapes or crops in France in the 17th century. They did this exercise out of the Crossroads textbook (the BC textbook for Grade 9). The kids had to decide which one as a group they felt was the best choice. This was an exercise in geography and critical thinking. 

I could hear them debating as they struggled with their decisions…I love hearing this in our students - it always gives me such hope for their futures. 

That they are willing to discuss, debate, articulate their opinions and then come to a conclusion together! These are skills that last a lifetime. 

They came back together and compared their results. I love questions that have no right answer!!

Their second exercise was to determine the pros and cons of the Enlightenment. 

Being Christians I think that knowing how the Enlightenment effected our society's views on faith is an important thing to understand. I am so glad that our mom decided to discuss this with our kids!

What a great time of learning! I love seeing our students struggle a little and have their thinking challenged. We are so blessed to have this solid group of young Christian thinkers!!

We break for lunch and the kids usually go outside and run off some energy. This reminds me of lunch on a high school campus - kids hanging out together, others off “goofing around”, others playing an ongoing game. One of the things that one of our moms said has really stuck with me. This is our students graduating class… these students are going to graduate together what a blessing to have them go through their high school years together! They are so blessed to have an amazing homeschool community like this!!

The kids then had their first run with Les Miserables. They learned about the play, Victor Hugo and the time that he lived when he wrote Les Miserables. They watched a short clip from the recent movie version of Les Miserables. This play will be in more than one act so some of the students acted in this round and some will be in the next. Our art and drama mom works so hard on writing these plays so that each of our students have a part to play. No matter how small or how big their part is… they are part of the play! We are so blessed to have this gift to our students!

Then off to PE at a covered indoor field. This time it was flag football our students were learning to play. Our PE dad sends out you-tube instructional videos for the kids to watch before we gather. 

Many kids haven’t played this kind of variety in their sporting life, so it helps to know the basics of the game. This is always a great time for the kids!
Another amazing co-op! Thanks to our mom who led the academic session, to our Art and Drama mom and to our PE dad! We are blessed to have you!!!

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