Da Vinci Catapult Kit

Today Elizabeth built this kit as part of her study of the Middle Ages. The kit was a Da Vinci Medieval design from the 15th Century and was from Pathfinders Design and Technology

The kit was easy to use and had clear instructions. I really felt that it helped Elizabeth to understand what went into building everything from wood. Pathfinders have many different Da Vinci kits including a Trebuchet, a Siege Tower and The Da Vinci Aerial Screw. 

We are going to order a few more of these, as Elizabeth really enjoyed making the Catapult. Pathfinders suggests that the catapult will shoot clay about 15 feet. This kit did not disappoint!! 

 On this page they have some ideas for extending the educational value of the kits and there is also a resource tab with science worksheets and links to go along with the kits on the main website.
Stay tuned for the Hydraulics kits that Elizabeth is going to build in the future!
Blessings, Natalie