Science News for Kids

We have been using Science News for Kids often. Elizabeth has been taking articles from the site and summarizing them. This has been great for both Language Arts and Science. 

Each of the articles in Science News for Kids has a printer friendly version. You can choose to have it with or without photos. You can edit out sections if you only want certain parts of the article. It has a vocabulary list at the end of the articles and they are written to kids without “dumbing them down” too much. 

We have been running off the articles, highlighting the key words and then Elizabeth has been writing her own summaries from the highlighted article. Next we have edited her work and then typed up her good copy. Not only is this a great skill for Language Arts but the articles have some really interesting topics for Science. 

So far, Elizabeth has completed summarizing articles on Placebos and Ground Up Bug Brains as Medicine. She is currently summarizing an article on how Global Warming is effecting Clown Fish and one on how Groundwater Extraction is Causing Earthquakes. 

There are a wide variety of interesting topics to choose from! I hope you will check out Science News for Kids!
Blessings, Natalie