Knights vs. Samurai - Our next Middle Ages Co-op

It was a great day with our co-op yesterday! The children had a full day! First thing they looked looked at armor of Knights and Samurai. They filled in a worksheet based on that. 

They did a hierarchy diagram of Knights and Samurai in their respective societies.

Then came the fun part. The children worked in groups of boys and girls and did several venn diagrams and other comparisons. 
For the first one compared Knights with Samurai.

The children then compared their two venn diagrams and found some points that each of the groups hadn’t made. It was so interesting how the boys worked on their venn diagrams and how the girls worked on theirs. Very different!!

The students then got a great instruction time from our mom on the role of women in the  Middle Ages in Europe vs. in Japan and then in groups they compared them.

Finally they compared the Code of Chivalry  to the Bushido. They did a great job and brought out some very interesting points. 

This group work is so valuable! 

After lunch the children got their second lesson on perspective with our art mom. She taught them how to draw a castle in perspective.

They were excellent! It took a long while to finish up the class but they got a chance to read through their play for next month. It is based on the Black Plague! All will enjoy that I am sure!!

Then it was off to gym time with our amazing gym dad. This month the focus was Volleyball. He always has the kids stretch before they start which is excellent!

Then they reviewed the rules, but once again the main thing was to play the sport. The children did great and had fun! Considering many of them had never played before they did very well!!

Another awesome Co-op day! 
Blessings, Natalie