Marching in the Roman Army - Last Co-op of the Year

We had an incredible co-op yesterday!  Thank you so much to the wonderful mom that led us! There was so much to learn as the children made Roman sheilds, learned about Roman armies and practiced Roman formations. 
It was a great day!

First the children made amazing sheilds. They used cardboard, red tagboard, cut outs of designs and plastic bowls and foil. It took alot of glue to make it work and we needed a heavy duty glue gun. We tried to make the size of the cardboard as uniform as possible.
They turned out very well! The children looked like they were in a regular Roman Army!

After making their sheilds the children watched this excellent video on Roman Armies. 
It really brought to life what they were doing. 

After they were finished they took their sheilds and swords (swimming noodles) and we did some formations. This was great. They saw how challenging it was to keep in formation. 
They had a great time afterward when the battle was on!

In the afternoon they were ready to settle down and draw and paint a portrait of a Roman god or goddess. This was a wonderful finish to a great year!

Next year on to the Middle Ages! This week we planned out our topics and who was going to lead... it will be so much fun! We will continue on with the art and drama focus in the afternoons. What a blessing! Thank you to all the Mom’s who gave their time and creative energy to lead our children!!


  1. Natalie you are an amazing co-op celebrator of life and homeschooling. Keep sharing your inspirations! Many blessings to you and your amazing group!

  2. Thanks Pippa,
    We have incredibly talented moms who lead us! What a joy it is to have a co-op!!


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