We have done lapbooks for many years now, all the way back to when our 23 year old was in Grade 4. Back then, we created our own. There weren’t great companies like Hands of a Child that put things all together for you. 

We have used many different lapbooks over the years. Elizabeth and I are especially grateful to all the participants from Homeschool Share

I have also created my own Lapbooks as I saw a need. I have completed Provincial ones on BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and hope to do more of the provinces this year.
I have also created a lapbook based on Canadian Immigration and Citizenship. I have a long list of Canadian ideas that I would love to create in the future!!

Right now Hands of a Child has all their lapbooks on 1/2 price. This is a great deal until the end of August. Their freebie currently is Island of the Blue Dolphins.

We are studying the Middle Ages - Reformation this year so I purchased one on The Norman Conquest, The Anglo-Saxons and one on Shakespeare. All of these covered a Grade 8 level. 

I like that about Hands of a Child - they have materials at a higher level. A few that Elizabeth has completed are the Poetry Lapbook, one on Single Celled Organisms and Ecosystems. These are just a few of the many.
They are well laid out and can be done independently or as part of a study of a topic. That’s how we use them, as part of a study. 
We added in Discovery videos, Adaptive Curriculum, many novels and our core "texts". 
If you have made your own lapbooks and would like to share them I would love to hear from you!!

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