Another Awesome Co-op Day - Greece!

Choosing to be part of a co-op is such a joy for me! I get to see my lovely daughter as she interacts with others, and because she is home educating alone most days, these days are extra special!

When choosing your co-op mates, it just seems to me that God brings those with many different skills, talents and strengths to give our children the best of many perspectives, teaching styles, focusses and real variety in projects and interactions!
This is a HUGE blessing! So thank you moms of our co-op who make each month something wonderful! You know who you are!!

This past month we were exploring Ancient Greece. First the children learned greek letters, and made their names from the greek alphabet and a greek sign which the moms needed to figure out. Then they made Greek pendants with air dry clay. They also played “stump the parent” with riddles about Greek Gods and Goddesses. We were very stumped!! 

They did an awesome mapping activity where they worked as groups to find out how a greek ship would have traded with other ports of call and how a certain ship would have navigated the waters of the Mediterranean. 

They then presented their theory to the group. There were some great theories and various routes on the maps. 

In the afternoon our fabulous art teacher took over. The children finished grouting their mosaic pots and did a crayon resist of a Amphora vase. These turned out so well!

Then it was on to the first practice of the next play the that children will be doing. Our daughter just loves the plays that they get to perform! It is such a blessing. Our art teacher writes these plays herself with each of the children in mind. She gives them all their own special part! What a gift to our co-op this is!
We have several more amazing co-ops to come this year as we finish up Greece and travel to Rome. We are already starting to plan for next year - how exciting! Blessings!

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  1. I loved this! We had a history coop for many years and it was so much fun! At the end of each topic/historical period of study we would have some kind of multi-family event to mark the occasion.

    Enjoy the time - it really flies by. :-)



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