Co-op Day, Olympics, Drama and so much FUN!

On Monday, we had another great co-op day. How blessed we are to have this experience for our children!

This was our last ancient history co-op based on the Greeks. What better project than to have an Olympics! We had an indoor Olympics as the weather was not co-operating. The mom that organized this was so awesome, she prepared for both an indoor and an outdoor Olympics.

First, one of the moms talked to the children about the Olympics and then we watched a short video clip from Discovery Education on the Olympics. 
Then another mom helped them make their victory wreaths with fern fonds and pipe cleaners. These got set aside and then the Olympic Games began. We divided the kids up into small groups and they went from one event to another. 
We had: 
Arm Wrestling

Punching on a punching bag

“Shot Put” with cotton balls

“Discus” with paper plates

“Chariot races” with wooden spoons and rubber balls

The kids has such a great time and were laughing and smiling. The moms all joined in and measured, kept time and judged races. 

In the end the kids all got their shoes on and went out side for the torch race and got crowned with their wreaths. What a fun morning!

In the afternoon was a highlight as we had another amazing drama production by our children. They practiced their lines and went through several “dress rehearsals” with all their towels and sheets. 

This drama had weaved within it so much information about Greece. The highlight for me was seeing our children working together with joy, really enjoying their characters, taking direction and really listening to what they needed to do to make the drama better. They did such a great job!

We are so blessed to have our writer, director and producer mom!!

Well, next month we are off to Rome on the Roman Road! 


  1. Sure looked like fun Natalie!!

  2. Wow! This looks so great! You are very lucky to have such a wonderful group around you. We have lots of homeschoolers here in Central Alberta, but everyone is too busy to do a Co-op. God bless.

  3. Thanks Pippa and Crystal. Yes we are very blessed here to have such an awesome homeschool group. We have such fabulous moms who are willing to participate! We are very blessed! Thanks for your comments


Thanks for your comments!