Hands-on Earth Science with Discovery Education

I just love new terms. Fresh and shiny, just ready for lots of new ideas, new resources and new explorations! I love starting each new term knowing the promise of the learning that is ahead!

We have begun our new science unit for this term. The unit is on Earth Science. We continue to enjoy the great benefit of having my daughter's friend join us for science. This makes it so much richer. If you haven't ever done this I encourage you - invite a friend along!! 
Chemistry was so great last term that we have decided to carry on with the same format using Discovery Education’s Teams Earth Science. 
I picked up some of the needed materials on the weekend and got it organized. 
Here is a list of the videos that are in this series:
    • TEAMS: Earth Processes: Maps and Models
    • TEAMS: Earth Processes: Mountain Building
    • TEAMS: Earth Processes: Rocks and Soils
    • TEAMS: Earth Processes: Sedimentation
    • TEAMS: Earth Processes: Time and Position
    • TEAMS: Earth Processes: Weathering and Erosion
Our daughter is also doing Adaptive Curriculum and if we have time I will also have her do the Hands of a Child Lapbook of The Earth

Todays lesson on Maps and Models had a model of a contour map, so the girls covered the page with a ziplock bag and built their contours with different colors of clay. They turned out very well. 

We are looking forward to the future lessons this term and another great opportunity for hands-on science! Blessings!

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