Role Play

Role play has been such a fun outlet in our home for our daughter and her friends. I posted a little bit about Kidsboro here. Kidsboro beyond the market days was a way for our “Little One” and her friends to play in many roles during there play time here. “Little One” would love to play on her own this way as well with dolls and stuffed animals. 

We got the majority of our role playing materials and ideas from Sparklebox. How fun to set up a doctor’s office, a grocer, an optometrist, a library and a veterinarian’s office. I remember “Little One” getting so excited about there being a bank machine - so we got an old box and turned it into a bank machine. Sparklebox is from the UK so everything is in pounds but it didn’t matter to the children - they just adjusted to it. 
We didn’t have a great space for all these shops. An old workshop in the back of our home, but that didn’t seem to stop the kids. They had lots of fun out there playing. 
This was a time that our trusty laminator got used alot so that the materials were a little more durable. 

There were so many great skills that went along with this type of play. Writing, reading, vocabulary, organizing, collaborating and so much more. 

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