Our Trusty Laminator and Things We Have Used it for Over the Years

Years ago, possibly even 10 years ago, I purchased a laminator. I chose the low tech version and I have never been disappointed. It seemed like a large purchase at the time but I have used it so much over the years and lent it out to many others in need of a laminator. We have made many, many books and projects over the years and enjoyed keeping these laminated and comb-bound. 

Here are some of the other things that we have done with it:
I have made a variety of flash cards over the years from sites like Sparklebox and small Art cards using these (and ones like them) from Dover.

I have made a variety of games over the years like the ones from Adrian Bruce.

I have made a variety of Montessori nomenclature cards. From sites like here and here.

I have subscribed to Evan Moor Teacher Filebox and made a variety of materials.

I have made a mini-office for our daughter.

I have made displays like this one.

Our trusty laminator has never missed a beat. Hundreds of projects and feet of lamination later it is still working like we just purchased it. 

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