Reader's Theatre

Over the years I have purchased several Reader’s Theatre books just to have around the house for those dress up moments that extend to more!
We have had many impromptu plays around our home that have been just that!
I love the Reader’s Theatre books that are a focus of some kind. We have had plays on Civil Rights, learning about a historical figure and many other great little plays. The play in these pictures was about oppression in the cotton mills. 

We do have a large dress up box, that has been fed over the years by garage sale and thrift store finds. We have had specific purpose costumes (uniforms and ethnic costumes) to old dresses and skirts that can be used for so many purposes. We also have had a variety of hats and scarves. 

Reader’s Theatre plays are wonderful as they are fairly short, the can be done with as little as 2-3 children (with some possible costume changes) and can be done with gusto on the spur of the moment!

I hope you will consider this great way to extend your children’s knowledge, drama skills, oration skills, collaboration skills and creativity (some of the sets we have seen on the spur of the moment have been great)!

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