Gingerbread Fun!!

Yesterday “Little One” had some friends over for an afternoon of gingerbread making and crafts. The girls made a special present, decorated a chinese takeout box to put it in and then made a plate or two of cookies and decorated them. What a great afternoon it was!

It was pretty impromptu on our part as we just decided a few days ago to pull it together. Sometimes impromptu events can be wonderful. We kept it so simple and easy! What a joy to see the girls take responsibility for their own cookies and crafts. Each girl brought some icing and decorations so when we added it all up, there was lots to share!! “Little One” had a Christmas cracker at each place, and each girl was a great sport about wearing the hats!!

I was struck by the focus of these girls. How they set to work on what they were doing and kept up their creative focus for hours at a time. It was beautiful to see! They knew what they wanted to do and needed no prompting from me at all. They just dove in to each project! They shared, worked together and had a great time!


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