Passover Seder in December!!

Today we had our last Ancient Egypt Co-op and we decided to celebrate a Passover Seder. It was a great day. Each of the moms brought some aspect of the Seder and I used this Christian Passover Haggadah to guide us. The only thing that I changed was the reference to all being baptized and I chose to have a drummette chicken leg for the shank bone. 
It went so well and tied into the afternoon activity of the Exodus play that the children put on. 
This is what we did:
First, I went to our local thrift shop and rummaged through the plates until I found enough for the 15 children that attended. I had the children draw on their plates with Sharpie pens. I showed them examples of Seder plates and things that they could put on them. I had some passages of Hebrew writing if that was what they would like to add. 

Before they plated their Seder we covered the plates in Saran Wrap as I didn’t feel that Sharpie ink was very food safe!

Then I had the moms add an egg, a dollop of horseradish, a piece of lettuce, a drummette, charoset and matzah crackers.  On the tables were bowls of salt water and sugar water. We used grape juice for our wine.
This Seder was participatory on the part of the children so several of them read passages of scripture and participated in some way.

The children had fun with the toasts and with all the aspects of the Seder. Most of the children hadn’t been part of a Seder before.

After the Seder, and we had a potluck lunch the children put on their play. It was a play that had several parts added into it by one of our very talented mothers so that every child had their own character. The children practiced and then put on the play for all of us. 
What a great day we had!


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