We Love Whodunits

We have loved reading so many mysteries over the years. Right from those beginning Boxcar Children books to The Shakespeare Stealer. 
Right now we are reading Spiderwebs for Two which is a series of mysteries that two children have to figure out and solve with a stanza of poetry as a clue. These are quite sophisticated little mysteries. 

We have enjoyed Hy Conrad’s books:
Kids’ Whodunits
They are about a young boy who's mother is a police officer. She goes to crime scenes or tells her son about crimes and he follows the clues to solve the crime. These take critical thinking skills to separate the red herrings from the actual clues. There are several books in this series.

We watched these old Hardy Boys Mysteries (the old black and whites) as a way of learning to discern the clues and the foreshadowing in mysteries. We got these from our local library.
This was fun! I think we can all still sing the theme song!!

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