We have just finished up our unit on Ecosystems. We began by doing the Adaptive Curriculum Unit on Ecosystems. You can look at my post here

Our daughter completed the Ecosystems Lapbook from Hands of a Child. This was really valuable for the vocabulary and for the systems of an ecosystem. It included lots of information on the environment of an ecosystem and the balance of it. 
Our daughter has completed several lapbooks from Hands of a Child and I have always been pleased with them. 

One thing I had our “little one” do is watch a Jeff Corwin video on an ecosystem of her choice. You can find a list of Jeff Corwin videos on Discovery Education here. She chose Australia and the Grand Island Ecosystem. I then had her make note of where she saw any of the systems within an ecosystem portrayed on the video. This was a great activity to solidify terms that she was learning in her lapbook and from Adaptive Curriculum. 

We have wrapped things up now on this unit and starting next week we are on to Chemistry!! Blessings!
Ecosystems Lapbook

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