Term 2 - Organizing Each Week

Page 1 Term 2 Planning

I like to be able to see the big picture easily when I am organizing, but also boil it down to each week. I like to use a table format to organize my weeks. I do an overall plan, and this is our working document. I leave projects open ended, I don't plan them ahead of time. They are our daughter's responsibility - she decides what projects she will do based on a book or a subject. 
I usually highlight and check off what is done. I then know if we are covering what we set out to do. I have used this format for years now. I take this information and make a nice document to hand into our school, but the weekly plan is the document that we work from. 

I tried just having one document, but I felt like it was too open ended in large chunks rather than weekly bites. We may read ahead or complete more than a week at any given time - then I can look for some extra days off here and there. It also helps me to see where we are not moving forward, needing more time, or even falling behind. I love the overall view! 

Page 2 Term 2 Planning

At the end of a term, there is a great sense of accomplishment for all of us when all the boxes are highlighted and all the work completed.

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