Building Skills in Art - Painting and Drawing

From my last post, you can see that Fimo is the medium that our daughter spends most of her time in. However, she really enjoys drawing and painting. 

Gustav Klimt Class

For the past three years she has done two sessions each year at 4Cats Art Studio. At 4Cats she has learned about artists and techniques that have stretched her out of her comfort zone. She has learned techniques she never knew she was learning. Perspective, balance, knowing when a painting is finished, depth, negative space and the list goes on and on.
Drawing for fun!

She has always taken an interest in art and I remember her drawing years ago from the Draw, Write Now books and the How to Draw Animals books from Dover. It started out as tracing and then went to drawing. 
For awhile we used the art videos by Mark Kistler. We also had some of his books around. These were great for learning shading and creating depth. 
We enjoyed several computer programs over the years including Creativity Express. We have watched the Devine Entertainment Artists series for inspiration. I have hung up art in our home for a low key “picture study”. 

Leonardo Da Vinci Group Portrait Class

Finally, we have provided paint, canvas and a place for creating. We found a used artist’s easel and our daughter now prepares her own canvas so that it can be any size that she wants. 
I hope that this post has given you some ideas for art!

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