Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Children

Last night our 12 year old daughter sold $7.00 of her crafts and got orders for $28.00 more. She was so excited! She has been working with fimo clay making miniature food for about 2 years now. She has researched and learned many, many new techniques. She has watched you-tubes, and read books. She has replicated other’s work and then transferred those skills to make her own unique products. 
As her parents we have invested in her supplying her with what she has needed (mainly with Michaels 50% off coupons) to create. We have also turned our back on the mess, allowed her space in the house and given her time to create (this above all I think has been the most valuable).

“Little One” has created her own catalogue, given herself a company name and decided on prices based on what she can replicate well and what is much harder to create. She has given many gifts out in the past while she was learning. This, I think helped her to understand the items that she was truly proud of and what she would like to replicate. 

All of the skills she has learned are more than I could ever count. Now she is learning about the world of business. Her next step is to create her own blog and give instructional videos on how to make fimo food. She is saving for a proper video camera to make the videos.
What a great opportunity she has provided for herself. She has given herself more than just a hobby, she is an entrepreneur! 

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