We always start with Ambleside Online

For years now, we have loved the literature/non-fiction that Ambleside has chosen for their mainly free curriculum. We start planning our year by going to the website and taking a look at the books that the advisory team has chosen. 
Ambleside is an amazing story of seven home educators (including Canadian Anne White) joining together to create something for the benefit of all. What these women have achieved is remarkable. They have created a community that is successful in so many ways. They have worked hard to apply their founding principals into the books and the curriculum that they have chosen. 
It is well laid out, solid, incremental, and has a beauty about it. We have been introduced to so many wonderful authors through Ambleside. Elizabeth Enright, Edith Nesbit, Thornton Burgess, Andrew Lang, H.E. Marshall, Charlotte Yonge, and M.B. Synge just to name a very few.  We have been challenged to include picture study, poetry, fairy tales and Shakespeare in our curriculum. We have been challenged not to shy away from more “advanced concepts” in literature when our daughter has been young. 
Ambleside has given us over the years a framework to plan our own program. We have been inspired by many of the home educators who use Ambleside!
We have reaped the blessings for many years of the wonderful women who decided in 1999 it would be admirable to create this beautiful curriculum. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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