Adaptive Curriculum

Our daughter finished her first full unit of Adaptive Curriculum. She worked on 16 different activities for Ecosystems. It was great. There were basics like food chains and webs and more advanced concepts like global warming and acid rain. This was totally independent learning. She worked through on the computer and did the questions along the way. 
I look at Adaptive as being a resource far above that of a textbook. In manageable chunks it gives the information like a section of a text, however there are imbedded videos, explanations and flash activities. There are questions along the way for comprehension similar to a textbook, but the projects to enhance learning is where it shines far beyond a text. The activities that our daughter participated in were guided virtual manipulatives. This is a great way to learn concepts, vocabulary and see a actual concept in action. 
It is well laid out, tracks progress easily, gives the students a running tally of percentage completed and parents ongoing reports of exactly what is done. 
I can highly recommend this curriculum as a part of any student’s learning. It is interesting, engaging and a great learning resource. Here is the link to the catalogue of activities:

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