Yarr me Matey's or Studying Treasure Island

Last year we had a great study using Treasure Island. I read this aloud to our daughter and explained some of the vocabulary along the way. We had some great discussions about the rich characters that Stevenson wove into this novel. We did another author study from here:

I suggested this book as I thought it was a way to compare stories to movies (and the fact that our daughter thought swashbuckling was very cool - doesn't every 12 year old girl?). There are so many different movie versions of Treasure Island. We also did a more traditional novel study using a Core Knowledge unit as a base. We used many of the ideas in this study to make comparisons, round out the learning.

Here is the link to the materials we used.

We also used these lap book pieces to add to our notebook.

We watched two very different versions of Treasure Island while we were studying the book. The first version was the Disney Movie from so long ago.
I had our daughter compare Muppet Treasure Island with the other book Treasure Island. The questions I asked were:  What was similar about the book and the movie?  What things were different than the book? Did you enjoy this movie and why?

I wanted her also to be able to give her opinion on a piece of media. In this case it was the Disney Treasure Island. I asked... Who was her favourite character in the movie? Was the set realistic? What were the themes of the movie? Was the movie exciting? What was the climax of the plot? Why did Jim Hawkins shove off the boat in the end? How many stars would you give this movie? Did you like this movie better than Muppet Treasure Island?
Finally she did some art based on the lesson in the Core Knowledge Study. A parrot mosaic.

 This was a great study on so many levels - comparisons, media, opinions, art, writing, learning history of another time, learning about an author and his writing and the list goes on. I hope you have a great time on the high seas!! Yarr me Matey!! Blessings!

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