Courage and Compassion Ten Canadians Who Made a Difference

While studying Human Rights I read aloud this book to our daughter. It has 10 stories of Canadians who made a difference in varying area of human rights or social justice. 
Each week we looked at a couple of the biographies. 
This was an excellent book to remember that an individual can make a difference. Each of us can affect change. 
The story "Little One" enjoyed the most was the last one in the book about a young girl who sees the problem of homelessness in her city and finds ways to help. She begins her own foundation - The Ladybug Foundation. This was inspiring. 
It was so easy to tie these stories back into a study of human rights. I had our daughter point out the rights that were being violated, but that was only the beginning of our discussions. There was so much to talk about for each of these Canadians.
I hope that you enjoy this book as much as we did!! Blessings!