Extreme Environments - The Arctic

We studied the Arctic by reading the book Frozen Fire by James Houston. James Houston’s intimate knowledge of the Arctic really helps you as the reader, connect with the cold and other dangers of that environment. 
I wanted our daughter to see the challenges in working there which is why I chose Frozen Fire. The story is about a teenage boy who’s father works in the Arctic. It is about him trying to find his father with the help of an Eskimo boy after his plane does not return during a storm. It is a story of bravery and of the many dangers in the Arctic.
Our daughter watched the movie “Alaska” as well as a few Discovery Education Videos on the Arctic. 

She also looked at these books as part of this study. 

Finally our daughter did a diorama based on Frozen Fire with a box, paint, styrofoam and Toob Arctic figures.

This was a great study, with alot of practical exploration of what it would be like to live and work in this extreme enviroment. Blessings!