Websites Our Daughter Keeps Going Back to!!

I wanted to share a few websites that our “Little One” has kept going back to over the years. 

The first is Spatulatta. This is a great cooking show with two young girls and their mom. Sometimes they have guests or guest chefs in the episodes. They are great videos for inspiring cooking in kids. 

Another website that our daughter has frequented is Steve Spangler. Steve Spangler is part scientist, part magician and his videos are very entertaining. These have been watched over and over with laughter and interest. We have purchased a few of his science kits and not been disappointed!

Another science website “Little One” has enjoyed is Dragonfly TV. This has many science experiments and activities to watch. 

Family Fun is a great website to find crafts, cooking and activities. They also have great ideas for parties and seasonal celebrations. 


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