Educational Scrapbooking

When our daughter was younger she did many years of Educational Scrapbooking. I will post several entries on this topic. For this post, we were using Sonlight, and these entries are from our working with Sonlight World History. It was a rich experience and she used many resources for her scrapbooking.

Pictures from the Internet
Pictures from old Encyclopedias
Pictures from History books sanctioned to be “cut up” books - usually with lots of pictures that I got from a thrift store
Stickers (both ones from the store and ones we made with our sticker maker using clip art)
Variety of paper - I would pick up ones I thought might work at Costco or when Michaels had a sale
Computer Scrapbooking program - we used Creating Keepsakes

“Little One” was only in Grade 2 so she dictated many of the writing portions and I typed them. She loves interesting fonts so after she would highlight the writing and change the fonts to what she felt looked appropriate for the entry.

We obtained many of these fonts from:
Every page she did each day had a different look to it, depending on how she was feeling. Using 12x12 paper allowed her to include lots of pictures. I also encouraged her to include in her scrapbook pictures of hands on projects that she did. This one was a Viking village that she made. 

It is very neat and tidy to have these all lined up on our school shelf in albums, depending on the year and the program we used. We can pull them out anytime and reminise about the good old days and the fun we had!!


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