Videos we keep on watching!!

I have never regretted purchasing these sets of videos. They have been watched many times. I am surprised that we can’t quote them all word for word!
First is the Popular Mechanics for Kids. They are still available and well worth the purchase. I am not sure how many times these have been watched. They are great science videos (albeit a little graphic in places) that help children to see interesting aspects of applicable science.

Another set is Be the Creature. These are by the Kratt Brothers and they really explore what it would be like to be a certain animal. Though some are a little intense for young children we have enjoyed these many times.

Another set is by Devine Entertainment. We have lent these out to many of our homeschooling friends. There are three sets of videos - each video has a young person who is friends with an Artist, Inventor or Composer. 
The first is The Artists Specials:

 The second is The Inventors Specials:

                The third set is The Composers Specials:

All these videos may be available through your local library. Blessings!

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