Our First Co-op of the year - Ancient Egypt

We had our first Ancient History Co-op for the year. We are planning to have our Co-op once per month for 9 months. 3 months studying Ancient Egypt, 3 months studying Greece and three months studying Rome. 

This month we started out by talking about the Nile. We used 2 mapping activities from Enchanted Learning. 
While the children were colouring, I was quizzing them on the cities along the Nile in Ancient Egypt versus now. I had a large map of Ancient Egypt on the wall. 

I then read to the children from Learning Through History Magazine Ancient Egypt about farming and the Nile.

We then watched a video on the People of the Nile from Discovery Education. We watched a 15 minute segment on people in all sections of the Nile. It showed the Ancient tools that the people of Egypt used to irrigate the land. 

When this was done we took a break and then dove into making our Nile Rivers. The children made the Nile out of Fimo clay. The fimo was very challenging to turn into a Nile. It was cold outside so the clay didn’t heat up enough to work well. Perseverance was needed but eventually all the children made their Nile rivers. They filled their containers with soil and put “the Nile” on top. They then went to the grass seed and sprinkled it on. When they got home they would flood their Nile Rivers and “decorate them”. 

One of the children built a Shaduf and several children said they would add items when they got home. 

By this time, we started eating lunch and getting ready for our afternoon Ancient Art session. Blessings!

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