We Got all Charged up About Electricity with These Resources!

First and foremost, the best thing about the Electricity Unit we completed last year was Snap Circuits. Our daughter loved experimenting with these over and over again. There are so many different circuits to be built even in the most basic kit.

Secondly, we took advantage of online subscriptions. With Gizmo’s our daughter did the units on Magnetism and Electrical Circuits. These were great!
We watched the video on Discovery Education Canada called The Magic of Magnets. It had blackline masters along with it that our daughter completed and put in her notebook.
This video also had a teacher’s guide and with magnets and iron filings our daughter explored more about magnetism.

"Little One" also did several of the worksheets and experiments on this page and put them in her notebook. 
She also did the lapbook pieces and activities from this page:
Our daughter every once in awhile still brings out the Snap Circuits just for fun and tries circuits she hasn't experimented with before. This is a beautiful thing!!

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