Extreme Environments - Astronauts in Space!!

The study of Extreme Environments can be a challenge as there are not many books or resources titled “Extreme Environments”. 
We tackled Extreme Environments by studying Space and The Arctic. In this post I am going to focus in on Space.

For our space study I wanted to find resources that were specific to astronauts, the obstacles they faced and the technologies that they used. I found this book and we used it for our spine. Eight Days in Space by Barbara Bondar.

Eight Days in space really did look at the challenges of living and working in space. Because it is written with Roberta Bondar it has a Canadian/World focus to it. We watched three IMAX videos about space. Destiny in Space, Hail Columbia and The Dream is Alive. Destiny in Space included footage about Roberta Bondar's crew and was such a great tie in!

We also watched a Myth Busters about the NASA Landing Conspiracy. We had a great talk about it and about conspiracy theories in general!
You can purchase this episode on ITunes for $1.99.

Our daughter also completed this short astronaut study. It had some great links in it as well as lots of activities.

We watched Apollo mission footage as well as other actual video footage from this site:
We took a field trip day to our local planetarium as well and enjoyed the activities they had for learning more about space.

This was a great way to study Extreme Environments!