Microscopes and Microscopic Organisms

One of the very first things we purchased when we started homeschooling almost 15 years ago was a good microscope. At that time we had our three older children to homeschool and my oldest daughter really loved Biology and Chemistry. We have never regretted that purchase. We have lent it out to many homeschoolers over the years, we have used it at co-op’s, classes and for so many different science units that it has been so worth the $300.00 we spent back then. 
Last year we used it once again for our unit on Microscopes and Microscopic Organisms. The first thing that we did for this unit was I had “Little One” do another Classification Chart as a review more than anything. 

Next, we did the Single Celled Organism Lapbook by Hand’s of a Child and it was excellent.
Our daughter enjoyed this and did the experiments included in the pack.
She had fun blowing up the balloon with the yeast in a bottle among other activities.
We also went out to a large pond nearby and collected pond water. “Little One” then put the pond water under the microscope to see what was in there. There was lots to see. 
Did you know if you put your digital camera lens right up against the microscope you can take pictures like these? Our support teacher told us that and I was amazed at how well it worked!!

We have collected lots of pre-made slides over the years, and after we have been working on a project I just leave them out with the microscope. 

Pretty soon we are tugging out hair, finding fuzz, exploring leaves and even getting a drop or two of blood to take a look at. Everything is just more interesting to explore under a microscope!
Happy Exploring, Blessings!!