One Resource - Two Children - The Body Book

I used this resource with our now 22 year old daughter and ten years later with our 12 year old daughter. Both were in grade 5 when the studied the Human Body. They are very different as you will see in the way that they chose to use this resource. They both learned a lot about the human body, but chose to express themselves in very different ways!! Our children are not cookie-cutters of each other, this is my plea to give them their individuality.

One child chose a lap book and one a scrapbook. One chose to make an almost complete body, the other chose to divide up the human body into systems and parts. One was very matter of fact, and the other added her own special humor!

The Body Book is an excellent resource. There are so many different ways it could be used. I have seen children use this resource and make a "life-sized" model of themselves with all the systems. The Body Book has experiments, explanations and then the models. It is a great resource for studying the Human Body.  Blessings!!

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