First People's Stereotyping Co-op

We had an amazing Co-op on First People's Stereotyping. My goal was to challenge our students to be aware of the stereotyping of Indigenous people in Canada and North America. Our students are so much more aware of this than I remember being as a youth. It is amazing how one generation can make such a difference in thoughts and actions. This is a touchy area, as I am not Aboriginal and can't really put myself in an aboriginal person's shoes fully. I have tried my best to make this Co-op challenging to our students and any assumptions - hopefully I have honoured First People's in Canada!
Start with sayings - go into groups and look at the sayings - what do they mean and why are they offensive?  
Here is the form we used
Here was some background information I was able to tell the students after:

Perspectives by KC Adams -  this was an amazing display! - I asked the students (having only seen the first picture - and not the wording) to create a profile for their picture. Who is this person? Where do they live? What is their situation? Create a back story for your photo…
Share backstories with the group and then compare them to the real story

Your media image - why do you think it is offensive? What is it stereotyping about First People’s? Discuss as a group and present. This was a wonderful exercise. The students were truly offended by these images. 
Here are some of the images:

We then had great discussions as a large group about these 4 videos. 

Watch video #1 Wab Kine - Rant.  - What point stood out for you?

Watch video about How Hollywood has portrayed First Peoples - What did your think?

Peter Pan - why is this video offensive?

Pocahontas - why is this video offensive?

I think by the end of this day our students had been challenged to look at their language, assumptions, the things they found humor in and those things they found offensive - or not! It was a great day!

Blessings, Natalie

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