A Developing World Map and Lessons

A Developing World is an amazing map by Canadian Geographic that allows students to compare Canada to other countries on many different levels. 

I had Elizabeth use this map to learn more about world development, poverty, education, GDP, child mortality etc. It is an excellent opportunity to explore these topics with your student.

I made up this sheet for Elizabeth to be able to search countries, compare them with Canada and record her conclusions.

There are some great lesson plans as well on this page.

There is also The Miniature Earth in infographic form above as well as a You-tube video below.

When Elizabeth was in Grade 6 we explored many countries and their challenging issues through resources like Peter Menzel’s books Hungry Planet and Material World. These are impactful books we pull out regularly to remind ourselves just how blessed we are!

I hope you will explore these resources with your students! Blessings, Natalie