Fiddler on the Roof Session 3

Session 3 for Fiddler on the Roof was all about theme and critical thinking. Followed up with opinions and group work based on their opinion of the play.

I started out by having our students yell out the themes that they felt were in the play. We made a list of themes and some of our students needed some coaching to get to the deeper themes.

Next I had our students answer several questions in groups.
1. Is it possible to preserve tradition? How?
2. Is change inevitable? Why?
3. Do events change people, or do people change events?
They then returned to the large group and we discussed these questions. Here is the worksheet we used.

Finally, I had the students answer these questions in groups.
What were your favourite characters in the play?
What was your favourite scene?
What were the impactful parts of the movie?
Based on the above, they were to make a commercial (trailer) to sell us on going to Fiddler on the Roof. Here is the worksheet we usedThis was so fun to see the creativity coming out in the students. They only had a few minutes to prepare for this - so it was a real exercise in Improv!!

After this the students got all dressed in their costumes and performed Fiddler on the Roof for us!! What a treat!! 
Blessings, Natalie