Fiddler on the Roof Session #2

Our second session of Fiddler on the Roof was all about Character. 

First of all I had our students focus on which characters were Round, Flat, Dynamic, Static etc. They yelled out which characters they came up with in each of the categories. 

Next we were onto these note booking sheets and working in pairs to fill out the Character Analysis and/or Character Transformation. They chose the characters that they wanted to analyze and then filled out the pages. We then discussed some of the characters, with the emphasis on the traits and evidence of those traits.

In the final exercise I had them take these paper dolls and draw a representation of one of the characters. They had to add both a speech bubble and a thought bubble to their character and then share them with the group. 
The students then went to practice the play for a second time! It was great to hear them having so much fun!!