Industrial Revolution Co-op

We had a wonderful Industrial Revolution co-op for our final social studies co-op of 2013/14. For the next four months we will be addressing Grade 9 BC science outcomes. This is the first time we have done science in this co-op and I am so looking forward to it! We have some very talented moms that teach in our co-op and we can look forward to some great lessons ahead!!
Back to the Industrial Revolution…

Our mom had the students take a look at the Factory Acts and see if there was any benefit to the workers in each of the Acts. 

She gave the students a printout with the Acts and they interpreted them based on the following criteria.

Ages and Hours Worked
Changes in Working Conditions
Other Changes

After they discussed if the changes were beneficial or not to the workers with each act. Our mom then challenged the students about working conditions around the world today. 

She then set up a debate for or against child labour. The group that was for child labour had a much more challenging task, as these students have a great sense of social justice. I have seen their compassion and heart many times through our co-ops! It was great to see these students engaging in a debate. I hope that we will have many more of these in the future.
This co-op was a perfect tie in to our North and South study and really enhanced our study of the Industrial Revolution. What a blessing to have talented teachers and engaged students!!
The students then had a break and in the afternoon had an art study on portraits with our Art/Drama mom…
Here is her synopsis:
“On Monday we talked about how art changed during this time period. There was more realism, more perspective, more mood, light and shadow, and more portraits. We talked about the first thing you notice in a portrait (eyes), and how to draw them correctly. The kids chose either charcoal or pencil and we drew eyes first. Next we drew full portraits and I gave the kids some measurements by which to check if the facial features were in correct location.”
These students have been so blessed to get such great art/drama instruction each month in this class. There are so many skills our students are learning! I am always amazed!!

Then it was off to the gym with our PE dad who taught our students more skills in floor hockey. 

After the session, he led the students through a devotion and then it was time to be off…
Co-op days are a long day, but it is always bittersweet when they are over!! 


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