Canada, A People's History Video 1:1 Minibooks

These lapbooking/notebooking pages are based on the Canada, A People’s History Teacher's Guide. There are questions that you will be able to answer directly off of the video and other’s that will require research from your student. For Video 1 there are three lessons. I have added in extra pieces (especially faith based) where they seemed appropriate. Here is the first lesson's pieces!

For details about the timing of each episode you can refer to this PDF. This will help you of you want to watch only the sections needed in the lessons.

The Canada, A People’s History website can be found here. There are teacher’s resources available as well as games and puzzles for the videos.

Canada, A People’s History is available on You-tube here. Episode 4 is available here.

This booklist would be a great asset as you plan your study of Canadian History. 

This outline would also be very helpful.

If you are wondering how you can use these pieces we have found the best way is in a spiral sketchbook. You can purchase them almost anywhere (including dollar stores) and they are the right size to get several minibooks on one page. 


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