Robin Hood, King John and the Magna Carta - Another Great Co-op!

Our co-op this month was based mainly on the Magna Carta and King John with a little of Robin Hood thrown in!
First I had our students shout out what they knew about Robin Hood and King John. Then I gave them the sheet of paper below to work on. They got into groups and discussed, looked up verses and determined as a group if they felt that Robin Hood was justified in stealing. We had some amazing points come forward from these students, and they really thought about this dillemma - what a great group of kids they are!!

We then moved on to the Magna Carta. I used the article on this site, chopped it up and each of the children read about points from the Magna Carta. 

I then highlighted areas that were important to us today. I asked some “what if” questions as well, just getting our students thinking what would have happened if the Magna Carta was never signed.

I then had the kids number off and play the King John Decision Game off of this site. 
It was so great to hear the discussion from the groups as they were challenged to make the most “kingly” decisions that would further their Kingdom. After we went through the decisions that they made and whether they would lose crowns or not for them. They started with 10 crowns and the team with the most crowns in the end “won”. I used this graphic for the crowns.

I love hearing the discussion amongst these students. They didn't just answer anything, they engaged in the process. They thought critically about the implications of their decisions.

After lunch we had another amazing drama written by our drama mom. This one was during the time of the Black Plague. 

They did a run through and then performed for us once again! These plays are history lessons in themselves!! 

After drama time it was off to the gym for European Handball. We didn’t know about this game so we watched this you tube video and this one sent by our PE dad. 

We are so blessed to have this kind of variety in our Co-op. It is a long day from 10 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon, but all the kids seem to leave with smiles on their faces. 
Such a blessing!!