Audiobooks and how we enjoy them!

Over the past 5 years we have enjoyed so many different audio books and series, that I am just going to highlight a few.
We have used audiobooks to ensure that the type of literature our daughter is exposed to, may not be at her reading level, but will challenge her in understanding and thought.
We want her thinking to be at her age level and her reading to challenge her above it.

Audiobooks also allow her independence. She doesn’t have to wait for me to read a chapter, she can “read” the book on her own. Some of her “reading” is assigned reading but much of it is at her leading. 

She loves the fact that she can listen and create at the same time. Her creating seems to increase her comprehension rather than lower it!! I digress.... on to the books....
First, look at your library’s audiobook section. We have an old cassette/cd player so that we have been able to take advantage of many of our library’s audiobooks. We now use the Overdrive system at our local library to take out more books and transfer them to our daughter’s iPod. 
Next, we have enjoyed for many selections. This is a great site to find books because of the visual aspect of the site. Many of the books on this site are from and are read by volunteers. One of those volunteers has a site of her own. She is an excellent reader!  or
Our daughter also has enjoyed many of the titles from Jim Weiss. . The Jonathan Park series has been a great addition for Creation Science We have just begun looking at the resources available at We have used this site for some great history titles 
If you are looking for specific recommendations just leave me a comment and I can try my best to help, Blessings!!

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