The Art Fraud Detective Books - Why we have enjoyed these books so much!

Art Fraud Detective ,The Great Art Scandal and Art Auction Mystery by Anna Nilson are great books for not only learning more about art but learning many math skills as well. 
We have enjoyed these books so many times. They come out again after a year or two when everyone has forgotten “who did it” and again we enjoy the mysteries. 
The skills used in these books are keen observation, deduction, statistics, and data management. 

In each book there are different mysteries to be solved. For instance, in the book Art Fraud Detective there are several thieves who are part of certain gangs. You can look at the pieces of art, see the forgeries and then tell which gang they are a part of. You then deduce from your information, who was part of the forgeries and who was not. 

Finding the differences from the real painting and the forgery is a lot of fun. It is a search that can be sometimes obvious and sometimes very hidden! It means that you need to look at the paintings closely and that is wonderful for art study. 
These books are real treasures for those wanting to study art in a fun and engaging way! Blessings!

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