To Trace or Not to Trace that is the Question...

With so many sources for outline maps on the internet, it seems almost like torture to make a child trace a map and take all of that time, and yet, we do have our daughter trace maps. I think that in tracing, we see so much more of the map in an intimate way.

It reminds me of the difference between driving through an neighbourhood in a car versus walking through it. It is amazing what you can miss. Sometimes you need to drive and sometimes you can take the time to walk.

Hence why we have used both methods, and will continue to. 
We have also used mapping activities through Enchanted Learning and Story of the World.

Here are some other sites that we have gotten maps from for our lapbooks or notebooks.
Finally, I have used this site in the past to make large maps to go on the wall. They have new software now and it looks great.

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