China Unit Study

We had fun with our China Unit Study last year. We used a lot of technology and subscriptions to extend the study.
The first resource we used was Voice of the Martyrs Bold Believers China. These amazing studies are available for free if you run them off yourself. You can choose to purchase them for $15.00 as well.
There were amazing stories of Christians in China. There were also prayer suggestions and information about the church in China. 

One subscription we used was World Book Kids. It has a great feature called Compare Countries. It allows you to compare two countries from population to religion to main exports to army size. This type of comparison is always revealing.

I then had our daughter look at the differences between Communism and Democracy. We looked in World Book for a definition of both and she made a Wordle of each. She also used Wordle for her cover page. For this one she listed every word that made her think of China.

Our daughter did some graphing in this unit as well. She graphed religion in Canada and religion in China as well as graphing trade with China. For all the graphs we used this site.

One of the enlightening exercises I had her do was go around to every room in the house and find all the things that she could that were made in China and take a picture of them. She had page after page of items. Here are just a few.

I suggested that our daughter use Inspiration (Webspiration) for some of her unit. She chose to do a city study of Beijing and use it that way. She also used it for The Great Wall.

This was a rich study of looking at China. I think that we learned a lot about China as we compared it to Canada in so many different ways.

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