Canadian History Booklist - Acadians and Louisbourg

Canadian History during the exile of the Acadians and the Battle of Louisbourg is a time in Canadian History when we have risen to high heights, and stooped to some of the lowest lows... It is a great time to discover with your children and help them to understand that history is not always pretty. It can be very difficult! I hope that this booklist helps you to explore!!

The Story of Canada by Janet Lunn and Christopher Moore
Canada, A People's History Video 3 and 4

Elizabeth, Our Canadian Girl by Anne Laurel Carter

Evangeline and the Acadians by Robert Tallant

The Diary of Marie Landry: Acadian Exile by Stacy Demoran Allbritton

Evangeline for Young Readers by Helene Boudreau

Evangeline for Children by Alice Couvillon

ABC Adadie by Mary Alice Downie

Claire by Moonlight by Lynne Kositsky

There have Always Been Foxes by Maxine Trottier

The Spirit of Canada by Barbara Hehner – The Pipers Refrain pages 54-55

Books for your study of the Acadians and Louisbourg that are out of print:

A Proper Acadian by Mary Alice Downie (harder to find)

Portraits of Faith by Michael D. Clarke - Henry Alline

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