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Canadian Flyer

With Canada now being over 150 years old, you may want to add some of these Canadian Flyer books into your Canadian History reading! Below are teacher guides from Teaching Books that might help you with some extensions of the books. These books by Frieda Wishinsky are all about Matt and Emily as they get transported to different times and places in Canadian history. This Pinterest Board has many Canadian History and Geography resources and may help you with all of your Canadian history studies. Blessings!

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Teacher Guides from Teaching Books:
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#1 Beware Pirates
In this exciting debut title, we meet Emily and Matt, and are transported back in time with them to the year 1577. Matt and Emily find themselves aboard Martin Frobisher’s ship The Aid, anchored in Frobisher Bay. Adventure beckons!

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#2 Danger Dinosaurs
This second title in the series fulfills every child’s fantasy of getting up close with a dinosaur — well, maybe not quite this close! It’s off to the Cretaceous period, in the Alberta Badlands. Maiasaura, Lambeosaurus, and T-rex, oh my!
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#3 Crazy for Gold
It’s the late 1800s and gold rush fever has taken hold. Matt and Emily join the Klondike gold rush for a rich adventure. Will they find gold or lose their shirts? The people are colorful, the land is rugged, and this adventure is unlike anything else Matt and Emily have ever experienced.
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#4 Yikes, Vikings
Matt and Emily have the incredible experience of joining the famous Viking Leif Eriksson and his crew on their historic journey to Vinland in the year 1001. The kids’ ingenuity saves the day when crew members get lost in the new land.
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#5 Flying High
On February 23, 1909, before a crowd of astonished onlookers, Alexander Graham Bell’s Silver Dart took flight. Emily and Matt are on hand and caught up in the thrill of witnessing this amazing story of first flight in Canada.
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#6 Pioneer Kids
Emily and Matt arrive on the Canadian Prairies in 1910. They visit a one-room schoolhouse where they try to help a new friend deal with a classroom bully. But when a raging fire erupts, it’s Emily and Matt who need rescuing!
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#7 Hurry, Freedom
The Canadian Flyer takes Emily and Matt on their most important journey yet — to the Canada-U.S. border in 1858 to travel along the Underground Railroad. They befriend famous abolitionist Dr. Alexander Ross and a group of runaway slaves he’s helping escape to Canada. With slave catchers in close pursuit, will Emily and Matt be able to help their new friends cross the Niagara River to safety?
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#8 A Whale Tale
It’s 1778, and the sled takes Matt and Emily to the west coast, where they meet a Nootka boy about their age. When he takes them out in a canoe they get close (too close!) to a grey whale. Their actions raise the ire of the Nootka chief, who has enough to deal with, with a visit from Captain Cook that coincides with the kids’ visit.
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#9 All Aboard
Emily and Matt are excited to land on an old train. What’s more, this one’s heading for Craigellachie, British Columbia, where the last spike will be driven into the rails celebrating the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railroad. Will Emily and Matt make it in time for that historic occasion? Hop on the rails and explore another exciting piece of Canada’s past with Matt and Emily.
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#10 Lost in the Snow
Matt and Emily are off to Quebec in the mid-1600s. There they meet Marie, whose father is about to marry one of the filles du roi, the women the King of France is encouraging to go to Quebec to marry settlers. Marie doesn’t want a new mother. Distraught, she stomps out of her house as heavy snow begins to fall. Emily and Matt race out to follow Marie. Can they find her before she’s lost in the snow?
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#11 Far from Home
Matt and Emily meet Kate and her brother John on a ship carrying World War II evacuees from Britain.The siblings are worried about their family in England and then John disappears. Can Emily and Matt help find John and help both kids adjust to life in Canada?
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#12 On the Case
Matt and Emily land in a rough, tough western town simmering with tension between the Ktunaxa people and settlers. Will they be able to help Mountie Sam Steele clear two innocent men charged with murder, and stay out of danger themselves?
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#13 Stop that Stagecoach
Emily and Matt experience the hardship of pioneer life as they travel through the wild of Upper Canada. They encounter uncharted forests, untamed rivers and rough roads. Will they be able to endure the trip and help their new friend, Thomas, get his mother safely to their homestead before she has her new baby?
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#14 SOS! Titanic!
Friends Matt and Emily land on the Titanic hours before it hits an iceberg. Can they save the ship by telling the captain of its fate?
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#15 Make it Fair!
In Make It Fair!, Emily and Matt travel to Winnipeg in 1914 and meet Nellie McClung, a woman who was most instrumental in the battle for women's right to vote. They get invited to a play that is being performed a few days from then, a play which Nellie hopes will change everything for women in Manitoba. Can Emily and Matt help Nellie stand up to all the people who want to stop her fight for fairness and equal rights?

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