Co-op - Canadian History - The CPR

We are so blessed each month to be able to start with an amazing pastor teaching our students Hermeneutics. Each month there is detailed lessons on some aspect of learning about the bible. This month was no different with the lesson being focussed on “Using the Bible to Interpret the Bible”. This first hour seems to fly by and then we are on to Social Studies.

Our Social Studies study this month was focused on the CPR and Chinese Canadians. Our teacher used this resource for leading our session and it was a great one!

She had them do the first lesson in this outline with all of the chairs lined against the wall and each student representing some group in Canada. This was excellent. It was both visual and thought provoking!

She had the mom’s in the group read the short bio’s on those who were influences in Confederation and Annexation… the group then voted on what point of view each person was coming from.

The students also looked at political cartoons and their messages as well as the maps in this package.

Finally, a large portion of the Co-op time was spent discussing the lessons, Chinese Labor Conditions and Chinese Labor Policies. The had group discussions based on the above lessons. Our mom’s read the poetry that is in these lessons to further point out the points of view about Chinese Canadians.

Finally, they watched these two videos:

Not Welcome Anymore

Stephen Harper's Apology to the Chinese Canadians

This was a very full 2.5 hours! 

In the afternoon our students ran through the first reading of the second drama they will be performing for us. 

Finally, it was off to the gym for Volleyball! What amazing days these Co-ops are!

Blessings, Natalie