November Co-op Red River and Louis Riel

Our co-op in November started out with our Hermeneutics class. The focus was the role of the Holy Spirit and once again our Pastor dad led us through a detailed study of scripture related to the Holy Spirit.

After a short break it was time for learning about Red River and Louis Riel. For this class, the main resource used is here.

First, the students discussed who were the first settlers in Red River, why they came and the purpose behind the settlement. Using the map on page 18 above, the students discussed where it was located, why it was located there and  the advantages and disadvantages of the location.

They discussed the background of the settlement and the causes and events that led to the Red River uprising.  They used the story on page 43 then the kids each had a copy of the different surveys and they discussed which would be better and why.. They learned about different types of surveying and why they felt the Red River colony would be threatened by the surveyors.

The students then broke out into groups of 4 and 5 to discuss pages 44 and 45 and answer the questions on page 54. They then came back to the group and discussed their answers.

To round up the morning they watched Canada, A People’s History about Louis Riel. 

In the afternoon, it was time for art. What a great time the students had doing clay work. They discussed Francois Pompon’s Polar Bear and then began to work on their own polar bears. 

This was challenging and those students who stuck with it and had great results. 

The last part of our day together was all a time at the indoor field playing football. Learning how to throw the ball and catch it was part of the afternoon, but as always, our gym coach allowed lots of time to play the game.

It was a great day once again!