Tom Sawyer - Session 1

We started our first Tom Sawyer session and it was great to see these students thinking and working together. I love the fact that they all are willing to share their assignments without hesitation! 

The first thing we did was work in groups of 4 to come up with Two Truths and a Lie about Mark Twain. I had researched ahead of time interesting facts about Mark Twain and gave each group 8 facts - they then needed to come with a lie and present their Two truths and a Lie to the group. 

I made up this sheet for them to use. Here are the facts about Mark Twain. They did a great job and I think they learned a lot about Mark Twain in the process.


Next I had them work in pairs with this sheet comparing challenges children face today compared with challenges they faced in Tom Sawyer's time. We then got back together and filled a whiteboard with ideas! I was using a new camera so my pictures were not the best this session.

After this I had the students pull 8 different settings for Tom Sawyer - the graveyard, Aunt Polly’s, the Cave etc and the students played charades based on the setting. It was great to see how quickly they got these elements of the setting. You can find the cards here.

The students then started their first run through of Tom Sawyer. What I love about these dramas is that the students participating really know these stories well when they are done. It is so exciting how participating in the drama brings the novel alive. 

Another great start to a literature camp!! Blessings, Natalie